The mistake I made

I purchased Hartz flea treatment for both my dog and cat and discovered the terrible mistake I made. My dog ended up having a seizure (not proven to be caused by flea treatment, but very coincidental if you ask me) and developed a painful irritation with symptoms that normally relate to an ear infection (the culture swab didn’t show any ear infection) He rubbed his head painful on the floor all while whining and scratched the back of his neck where the treatment was applied until it was very irritated. My cat’s hair fell out all over the underside of him, which he is now taking Steroids for. I used the correct product for the weight of both my cat and dog and I also made sure that I used the treatment for dogs on my dog and the treatment for my cat, on my cat. I also followed the instructions closely, as this is not the first time I’ve ever had to treat my pets for fleas. This is, unfortunately the first time I ever used Hartz’ products and IT WILL BE THE LAST. I’ve never had any problem EVER in the past with other products.

DO NOT USE ANY PRODUCT FROM HARTZ. After a 3 month battle to get them to re-imburse me for my $200 vet bills and the product. I got a measley cheque in the mail for less than $10. My vet wrote 2 letters to the company stating the direct link from the use of their product and the problems that my beloved pets substained and yet the company is NOT taking any responsibility. I will be sure to let EVERYONE know of how bad and dangerous their product is.

I wish I had known sooner

My four year old cat and her 4 mo. old kitten had another round of fleas. I totally forgot that Dawn dish soap kills the fleas, and here I was using the Hartz over the counter drops. I weighed my cat and her kitten so I knew their weights so I would buy the appropriate formula. Less than 48 hrs. ago, the drops were applied, and this evening my cats had to be put down. My older cat was shaking, seizing, and foaming at the mouth, and after calling my vet’s emergency after hour number, they were of no help. Not knowing what more to do for my cat and kitten, and watching them get worse was heartwrenching, I asked my husband to put the cat and kitten down. It was the hardest thing for me to do. I was holding their tremoring bodies and the look of fear in their eyes and the pain wrinkles in their foreheads was causing my heart to throb. My cat was my friend, my alarm clock and my muscle relaxer (she would pur while I would massage her shoulders and go to sleep). I was there for her when she was sick, and visa versa. I was there when all 3 of her litters were born and I was the only one who she trusted to touch and hold her young babies. when she accidently got out of my house and was stolen from my yard at 3 mo. of age, she found her way back home 3 mo. later. My cat and I had a special relationship, and bc I didn’t know how harmful Hartz is, my beloved cat and her 4 mo. old baby is now gone. This should never have happened to her or any cat for that matter. I wish the EPA would wipe out all the companies that produce these killer products. I’ll never have my cat back again or her baby, and I have emailed all my friends with cats and dogs to discourage the use of otc flea and tick repellant…Dawn Dish Soap is the most safest thing for your beloved pet.

Dawn dishwashing liquid provides relief

Upon initial treatment of our dogs after a severe reaction to the Hartz 4 in 1 drops (causing one dog to die and one with neurological and skin trauma), we were told to bathe our two surviving dogs daily using dishwashing liquid because it penetrates the skin where shampoos do not. One of the dogs is on 6 medications, but it is the bath with Dawn that provides the most relief form the oozing, ulcer-like sores down her back. She is receiving two baths per day at this point and looks forward to the comfort she knows is coming. Choose the original formula instead of a heavily scented one and rinse, rinse, rinse.

Dead Cat

In preparation for a week long vacation, last Thursday I applied Hartz Ultra Guard plus drops to our 2 yr old cat. As the cat was very independent, the pet sitter was asked to insure food & water was available inside and out, but care beyond those necessities was otherwise not required. The cat would come n go as it pleased, and was perfectly ok in either setting. Upon my return last night, I thought nothing of the fact that the cat was not around, as this was not atypical, particularly at night. This morning I did notice several clumps of hair throughout the house, and found where the cat had gotten sick in the hall way – this was atypical.. When I spoke to the pet-sitter later in the day, I was informed she only saw the cat on day one of our vacation, and was quite sure it had never left the house. Hearing this, the clumps of hair now seemed much more meaningful…..I found the cat an hour later. There were no visible signs of injury, It was the wet area on his fur (where I had applied the drops) that caused me to search the web, as the cat was young and had been perfectly healthy. I was absolutely astounded to discover this web-site. How can Hartz products have such a lethal reputation, with enough bandwidth to warrant the creation of this web-site, and remain on store shelves? Somehow this message needs to be delivered before consumers treat their pets w/ these products, not after they finish burying the animal in the back yard.

just do what your vet recommends and you won’t have this problem

While I am sorry for the hard lessons it seems most of you learned, really, you didn’t have to learn it. Neither did your pet. If you would have used what your vet recommended instead of trying to get off cheap then you wouldn’t be in some of these situations. Yeah, Frontline and Advantage are expensive- they WORK. Hartz never has and never will. It’s the same crap that’s in the dips and shampoos that has never worked. They just package it to make people think they are buying what you should be getting from your veterinarian. I guess some have found out where trying to save money will get you. A big fat vet bill and a dead cat. I for one am sick and tired of staying at work until the middle of the night treating seizing cats and "dumbfounded" owners who were trying to save a few bucks, only to realize that oops! maybe I should have listened to what the PROFESSIONALS recommended. Sorry if I sound angry but as long as people keep ignoring their vet in order to keep the almighty dollar in their pocket Hartz will keep supplying the demand.



I just published a story about my two cats who accidentally came in contact with Hartz drops through sleeping on a bedspread where a dog with Hartz appiled to it laid for a few hours. I want people to know that it is not only the cat variety of Hartz that will affect them. This was a drop designed for dogs and it was spread on some bedsheets and my cats simply came in contact with residue on the bedspread. BEWARE OF PUTTING HARTZ ON A DOG WITH CATS IN YOUR HOME! The Hartz can be spread and if your cats come in contact with it in some way they will have possible siezures, drooling, and even kidney/liver damage! BEWARE!!!!!!!!!



I am the owner of two wonderful cats who came into contact with a liquid Hartz flea product by accident. My cats are with my mother-in-law and she also has a dog that loves to roll in the grass. She gets fleas and with a house of four cats my mother-in-law tries very hard to keep them from spreading. She had just run out of Frontline for her dog so she decided to use the one Hartz application she had left. After she put it on the dog it went and laid on her bed and must have rolled some of the Hartz into the comforter. Both of the cats slept there that night and the next morning at about 8:00am my mother-in law noticed one of them blinking exessively. She thought it was an eye cut he had previously received but when she put him on his feet he could hardly stand up. She immediately took him to the vet and went through some things it might have beenthat happened days before (which would have shown symptoms before the day this happened) but it was not until she saw a Hartz product warning sign posted in the vets office that she mentioned that she had applied it to her dog the previous night. The vet immediately changed tone and started giving fluids to the poor cat who had by then started drooling and siezing. When we returned home my other cat started to show signs of the same thing (he slept on the bed next to the other cat that night)and I had to rush him to the vet as well. Her two cats, who had not slept on the bed and were up playing all night had no signs of symptoms at all and the dog was fine as well. All three of them received baths and we scrubbed every inch of the house with Dawn and washed anything we could get our hands on especially the bedsheets. The cats are still at the vets office and we are awaiting bloodwork to see how far the poisoning went. I am writing this to warn cats owners that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PUT THIS PRODUCT ON YOUR ANIMAL TO HAVE IT AFFECT THEM!!!! All they have to do is come in contact with it in some way. PLEASE BEWARE WHEN USING HARTZ!!!!!

Milsie Baby Dead, Gauge Fighting For Her Life

We lost one of our two MinPins today and the other is being watched overnight and receiving IV fluids at the emergency clinic. We put the drops on our three dogs 5 days ago. This morning, all dogs were doing great. My husband found Milsie Baby dead in the yard by early afternoon. Our other MinPin,Gauge, was lathargic and drooling, we got her to the emergency clinic ASAP. We thought they must have had heat problems, but when we told them that we had recently treated them for fleas, we were immediately told that there had been problems with the Hartz brand. We have a third dog that we have washed twice, and at the moment seems to be OK, although we won’t be taking chances as this happened so fast. Gauge has developed a severe skin reaction and literaly scratched a bald, bloody spot on top of her head in less than 5 seconds. These people are every bit as bad as the ones involved in the contaminated dog food and should not be allowed to continue killing our beloved pets.

seargent’s gold flea and tick med.

I applied seargent’s gold flea and tick med. to my 7 year old cattledog mix on July 14. She has been acting strange since. Scratching at her left ear almost constantly and shaking her head repeatedly. I found her under my bed this morning, she acts as if she is trying to hide from something. She will see the vet first thing tomorrow. Help!

HARTZ 4 in 1 almost KILLED our DOG – pls don’t use


I bought HARTZ 4 in 1 on Thursday 7-12 and applied it late that evening. We noticed that our 10 yr old Yorkie was a bit SLEEPY and LETHARGIC but we didn’t get alarmed until Friday evening when he had TROUBLE WALKING, NOT EATING OR DRINKING and had PUSS forming around his EYE.

Knowing his symptoms were due to POISONING, we immediately BATHED him with DAWN dishwashing liquid and he started to come back around to his old self hour by hour he got better and better.

PLEASE DO NOT USE HARTZ 4-1!!!!! These products contain insecticides in order to kill the fleas but can also kill your pet!