Cerebral Swelling

Sunday 7-29 at 8am I put a flea treatment on my 5 yr old shih tzu Boo. By noon she was acting paranoid and clawing at the carpet, trying to bury her head in my lap or any pillow she could find. I thought it was anxiety from the storms but then she started twitching her hind legs. i went to the emergency vet and they did blood work and said it was anxiety, i knew it wasn’t because she couldn’t lay still w-out twitching. it was horrible she kept throwing her little body against me like "help me." she was so exuasted and just couldn’t make her body relax. when my vet opened at 7am i ran her up there. she finally got some sort of relief (not able to sit still for over 24 hrs!!)at 6 pm after they gave her a shot of steriods and puppy valium. she’s on a 2 week steriod plan and we are in hopes there’s no permanent damage.

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