Healthy 17-y-o Cat — Now Dependent on Steriods to Breathe!

I’ve had B.P. and two of her sisters, Winkin’ and Blinkin", since they were born over 17 years ago. They were always extremely healthy and active cats. Two still are — but a little over a year ago I used Hartz 4-in-1 on B.P., and now she’s fading fast!

Going through a tough financial period, I couldn’t afford vet flea medicine, so I bought Hartz 4 in 1 instead when I noticed B.P. scratching a bit. How I wish I had known about its toxicity!

A few hours later, a friend noticed that BP seemed very lethargic, and brought it to my attention. To check, I got out the vacuum cleaner and started it up right next to her (which always used to cause her to fly to a hiding place), but there was no reaction at all. She was like a statue. When I picked her up and tried to set her on her feet, she just collapsed into a clump. She seemed stunned or dazed. I was beside myself.

I made an emergency phone call to the vet and took her there immediately. The vet knew that Hartz was dangerous and called the CDC for animals to find out the best remedy. They gave B.P. intravenous fluids for several hours, washed her thoroughly, etc. She seemed much better the next day.

That’s not the end of the story, though. Ever since that incident, B.P. has had severe "asthma" — she has been on prednisone continuously since then because it’s the only way she can breathe adequately. Lately (a year later) she is definitely in decline. She and her sisters all used to be the same size — B.P. is now 4 lbs. lighter than them (they’re all 1/2 Maine Coon). She has to be continually coaxed to eat. Even with drugs, her breathing is still labored. Most disturbing, I (her "Mom") can tell she’s not happy — and may be in pain. The vet is still trying to find what other things are not right with her.

This is all because of Hartz and their toxic products! How can the government allow them to remain in business knowing more animals will suffer?! I want to join in any on-going lawsuits against Hartz. Please let me know about them (I couldn’t find many specifics on this website).

My heart goes out to all of you who are suffering with a pet (or have lost a pet) because of Hartz’ practices. They are evil! We must seek justice for our pets.

Chris C. in San Bruno, CA (this incident happened when I lived in MD)

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