Hi…This is a story about my best friend Dilbert.

Dilbert had an application of Hartz flea shampoo. Approximately 1-2 hours later, I found the poor little guy just laying there. When I treid to make him stand, he just plopped over like a rag doll. He was looking at me but did not have the strength to meow. I immediately washed him with my shampoo then drove him straight to the vet. The dr. rushed Dilbert into the room. They said it did not look good for Dilbert. They gave him a shot of steroids and other medicine to try and counteract the poison. Then all we could do is wait and see.
The Dr. took me aside and clued me in on Hartz flea shampoo…he told me that it is deadly and approximately one in 4 cats will have a severe reaction to the product.

Dilbert was lucky at that time…three days later he got to come home to me. He was never the same though. He seemed to have a weakened immune system from thereon out. He died a short time later in the vet from a common cat cold that he just could not overcome.

He will be forever missed.

I love you Dillybean.


Many years later….I had the same problem with two of my cats ( I was mistaken that the Hartz flea drops were just like the Frontline drops and that it would be safe)….I put hartz flea medicine on my three indoor cats. One of the cats did ok…the other one was acting like it felt ill… and the third cat, Sylvester had the same reaction as poor Dilbert. We took him into the vet and Sylvester had the same treatment as Dilbert did. He also recovered…But also continued to be weakened and soon after died mysteriously. We called him funny face because of his unique markings on his face. He was sweet, loyal, and trusted that people would never hurt him. We miss you Funny Face.
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Each case Dilbert and Sylvester….Hartz took full responsibility for all vet fees. They send letters stating that they were not at fault but agreed to pay the vet bills.

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