The mistake I made

I purchased Hartz flea treatment for both my dog and cat and discovered the terrible mistake I made. My dog ended up having a seizure (not proven to be caused by flea treatment, but very coincidental if you ask me) and developed a painful irritation with symptoms that normally relate to an ear infection (the culture swab didn’t show any ear infection) He rubbed his head painful on the floor all while whining and scratched the back of his neck where the treatment was applied until it was very irritated. My cat’s hair fell out all over the underside of him, which he is now taking Steroids for. I used the correct product for the weight of both my cat and dog and I also made sure that I used the treatment for dogs on my dog and the treatment for my cat, on my cat. I also followed the instructions closely, as this is not the first time I’ve ever had to treat my pets for fleas. This is, unfortunately the first time I ever used Hartz’ products and IT WILL BE THE LAST. I’ve never had any problem EVER in the past with other products.

DO NOT USE ANY PRODUCT FROM HARTZ. After a 3 month battle to get them to re-imburse me for my $200 vet bills and the product. I got a measley cheque in the mail for less than $10. My vet wrote 2 letters to the company stating the direct link from the use of their product and the problems that my beloved pets substained and yet the company is NOT taking any responsibility. I will be sure to let EVERYONE know of how bad and dangerous their product is.

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