I wish I had known sooner

My four year old cat and her 4 mo. old kitten had another round of fleas. I totally forgot that Dawn dish soap kills the fleas, and here I was using the Hartz over the counter drops. I weighed my cat and her kitten so I knew their weights so I would buy the appropriate formula. Less than 48 hrs. ago, the drops were applied, and this evening my cats had to be put down. My older cat was shaking, seizing, and foaming at the mouth, and after calling my vet’s emergency after hour number, they were of no help. Not knowing what more to do for my cat and kitten, and watching them get worse was heartwrenching, I asked my husband to put the cat and kitten down. It was the hardest thing for me to do. I was holding their tremoring bodies and the look of fear in their eyes and the pain wrinkles in their foreheads was causing my heart to throb. My cat was my friend, my alarm clock and my muscle relaxer (she would pur while I would massage her shoulders and go to sleep). I was there for her when she was sick, and visa versa. I was there when all 3 of her litters were born and I was the only one who she trusted to touch and hold her young babies. when she accidently got out of my house and was stolen from my yard at 3 mo. of age, she found her way back home 3 mo. later. My cat and I had a special relationship, and bc I didn’t know how harmful Hartz is, my beloved cat and her 4 mo. old baby is now gone. This should never have happened to her or any cat for that matter. I wish the EPA would wipe out all the companies that produce these killer products. I’ll never have my cat back again or her baby, and I have emailed all my friends with cats and dogs to discourage the use of otc flea and tick repellant…Dawn Dish Soap is the most safest thing for your beloved pet.

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