Dead Cat

In preparation for a week long vacation, last Thursday I applied Hartz Ultra Guard plus drops to our 2 yr old cat. As the cat was very independent, the pet sitter was asked to insure food & water was available inside and out, but care beyond those necessities was otherwise not required. The cat would come n go as it pleased, and was perfectly ok in either setting. Upon my return last night, I thought nothing of the fact that the cat was not around, as this was not atypical, particularly at night. This morning I did notice several clumps of hair throughout the house, and found where the cat had gotten sick in the hall way – this was atypical.. When I spoke to the pet-sitter later in the day, I was informed she only saw the cat on day one of our vacation, and was quite sure it had never left the house. Hearing this, the clumps of hair now seemed much more meaningful…..I found the cat an hour later. There were no visible signs of injury, It was the wet area on his fur (where I had applied the drops) that caused me to search the web, as the cat was young and had been perfectly healthy. I was absolutely astounded to discover this web-site. How can Hartz products have such a lethal reputation, with enough bandwidth to warrant the creation of this web-site, and remain on store shelves? Somehow this message needs to be delivered before consumers treat their pets w/ these products, not after they finish burying the animal in the back yard.

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