Milsie Baby Dead, Gauge Fighting For Her Life

We lost one of our two MinPins today and the other is being watched overnight and receiving IV fluids at the emergency clinic. We put the drops on our three dogs 5 days ago. This morning, all dogs were doing great. My husband found Milsie Baby dead in the yard by early afternoon. Our other MinPin,Gauge, was lathargic and drooling, we got her to the emergency clinic ASAP. We thought they must have had heat problems, but when we told them that we had recently treated them for fleas, we were immediately told that there had been problems with the Hartz brand. We have a third dog that we have washed twice, and at the moment seems to be OK, although we won’t be taking chances as this happened so fast. Gauge has developed a severe skin reaction and literaly scratched a bald, bloody spot on top of her head in less than 5 seconds. These people are every bit as bad as the ones involved in the contaminated dog food and should not be allowed to continue killing our beloved pets.

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