just do what your vet recommends and you won’t have this problem

While I am sorry for the hard lessons it seems most of you learned, really, you didn’t have to learn it. Neither did your pet. If you would have used what your vet recommended instead of trying to get off cheap then you wouldn’t be in some of these situations. Yeah, Frontline and Advantage are expensive- they WORK. Hartz never has and never will. It’s the same crap that’s in the dips and shampoos that has never worked. They just package it to make people think they are buying what you should be getting from your veterinarian. I guess some have found out where trying to save money will get you. A big fat vet bill and a dead cat. I for one am sick and tired of staying at work until the middle of the night treating seizing cats and "dumbfounded" owners who were trying to save a few bucks, only to realize that oops! maybe I should have listened to what the PROFESSIONALS recommended. Sorry if I sound angry but as long as people keep ignoring their vet in order to keep the almighty dollar in their pocket Hartz will keep supplying the demand.

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