I am the owner of two wonderful cats who came into contact with a liquid Hartz flea product by accident. My cats are with my mother-in-law and she also has a dog that loves to roll in the grass. She gets fleas and with a house of four cats my mother-in-law tries very hard to keep them from spreading. She had just run out of Frontline for her dog so she decided to use the one Hartz application she had left. After she put it on the dog it went and laid on her bed and must have rolled some of the Hartz into the comforter. Both of the cats slept there that night and the next morning at about 8:00am my mother-in law noticed one of them blinking exessively. She thought it was an eye cut he had previously received but when she put him on his feet he could hardly stand up. She immediately took him to the vet and went through some things it might have beenthat happened days before (which would have shown symptoms before the day this happened) but it was not until she saw a Hartz product warning sign posted in the vets office that she mentioned that she had applied it to her dog the previous night. The vet immediately changed tone and started giving fluids to the poor cat who had by then started drooling and siezing. When we returned home my other cat started to show signs of the same thing (he slept on the bed next to the other cat that night)and I had to rush him to the vet as well. Her two cats, who had not slept on the bed and were up playing all night had no signs of symptoms at all and the dog was fine as well. All three of them received baths and we scrubbed every inch of the house with Dawn and washed anything we could get our hands on especially the bedsheets. The cats are still at the vets office and we are awaiting bloodwork to see how far the poisoning went. I am writing this to warn cats owners that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PUT THIS PRODUCT ON YOUR ANIMAL TO HAVE IT AFFECT THEM!!!! All they have to do is come in contact with it in some way. PLEASE BEWARE WHEN USING HARTZ!!!!!

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