i lost my dog sissy

I used the hartz 3 month flea and tick drops on my 7 month old dog Sissy.I used them the first time a month ago and nothing happened, but i put them on my dog again a week ago and she started getting really sick.My dog is usually very hyper she loves to play and jump on people. About 5 days ago she started laying around, she stopped eating and drinking. I knew something was very wrong,She likes to chew on everthing, so i thought maybe it was something she ate.she started shaking and pooping alot of blood. she was also drooling alot. My mother asked me if i had put any hartz flea drops on her,because it has been known to kill animals. so we knew then that the drops had poisened our dog. We lost sissy two days ago. If i would have known the hartz products were so deadly i wouldn’t have used them. i cant believe they are still selling their stuff. I wish people were more aware of how deadly they are so no one has to loose a pet like we did.

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