dead cat


After finding my 7 year old’s beloved pet cat dead today, my gut instinct told me that her death had to be related to the" Hartz One spot" flea drops that I had applied on her last night. After doing an internet search, seeing the E.P.A. website as well as this one, I found out that my gut instinct was right. I followed all of the Hartz ONe spot instructions correctly. This was a healthy 7 month old cat. It is frightening to me that this product is on the market. I checked the E.P.A. website and saw where Hartz was made to change the intructions say" not to use on cats weighing less than 6 lbs. The label on the drops that I purchased (at Pet Smart by the way) says not to use on cats less than 12 weeks old!!! Why is this product still on the shelves??? I will never buy another Hartz product. People need to know about this!!!!


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