i almost lost coko yesterday

yesterday july 3rd 2007. my husband noticed that our almost 1 y/o cat coko had dandraff. I said no that’s crazy animals done get dandraff. Then something told me to google it. So I did, the page said that cats do in fact get dandraff but dont worry it is comman. UNLESS, the cat eating habits have changed, it acts like it is just down and out,and it is not itself period. Well that sent of signals coko dont let my husband pick her up and pet her at all, so we took her to the vet fast. The vet asked us what we used to kill fleas and what did we give her a bath in. My husband bought the stuff we used in, which was hartz 3in1 & sergants flea shampoo. The hartz is what we used on her saturday. And from then on her attitude went down hill. The vet told us that coko has been poisned and that they need to get blood work, give meds and give her a bath to wash the all the oils off her body. When they told us that, i fainted i thought my baby was going to die. When I came to the doc told us that they are going to do everything in there power to help coko. She had a really high temp, her breathing was very slow, and she was really out of it. They gave her a bath she improved really well and she also responded to the antibiotics very fast. After 8hrs and 269.00 later coko was fine. She came home last night. And today she has followed me everywhere i went in the house, she hissed and bit my husband just like she always have.She did everything just like she did before all this mess happened with the piece of crap product i bought from walmart. I goggled the product to see if there was a recall and to my surprise i found this web site. If i could turn back the hands of time, i would have never bought it. Wal-mart should be ashamed for selling it and hartz should be ashamed for making it. If there is a way to make there sorry asses pay for my vet fee’s and my time lost from my job someone please let. Is there a law suit for them?

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