We almost lost our Spikey today!!

Who would have thought that a well know product that we had faith in would potentially harm our 4 year old minature beagle. We used the Hartz flea and tick 3 month treatment in May and June on our baby thinking we were killing the fleas and ticks not him. Yesterday we noticed that his eyes looked weird, his pupils were dialated and blue. Today he could not see because the flea and tick medicine that lies in their secretion glands after it soaks in had sent him into diabetic shock. He is in intensive care as we speak and may not make it. He lost 6 pounds in the months that we had that poison on him. NEVER AGAIN!!! They should not be able to sell a product that is never even tested or FDA approved!! We thought we were being responsible by trying to help keep the fleas and ticks off of him. We certainly did not expect him to be fighting for his life as we speak right now. Someone should put a stop to such harmful poison being on the shelves. IS HARTZ GOING TO PAY MY VET BILL OR YOURS? Probably not. It is just not right. IS HARTZ GOING TO MEND MY FAMILIES BROKEN HEART IF SPIKEY DOES NOT MAKE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT? I would say no. Warning to all Hartz users: do not buy this potentially fatal product.

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