Hartz poison

My name is Misty and on Thursday, June 21, I administered Hartz flea and tick drops on our family cat, Trixie, which lead to its death. I use to rescue cats and had done this many times before with no adverse reactions. The package said 15 lbs. or less and that he was. I had never heard of any such of poisons or reactions so I was in shock when I went outside to check on my beloved family member and it was seizing/convulsing in our garage. When I called the emergency animal clinic I was told the products were in the process of being pulled off the market because they were toxic to animals. My kitty also began to foam at the mouth, growl, hiss, urinate on himself and bit his paws throughout these tremors until he died. Our family is now in shock and very sadden with this loss. So are all of our neighbors because Trixie was so friendly. I hope you will pass this along in hopes this won’t happen to another family pet.

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  1. Please don’t use Hartz Flea Products on your pets.
    My daughters little Yorkie Mocha is fighting for her life at the Vet as I write this,up untill a few days ago she was a happy loving dog but now she is very very sick My daughter feels so guilty for using the product and not knowing there were any adverse effects by using it.
    In the past week the have spent almost $3000.00 trying to save Mocha,this is not about the money but about making people aware that these products can kill you pets
    Mocha is suffering from an autoimmune desease that can be fatal and we believe Hartz is responsible for not warning consumers about the toxins and how harmfull it can be to our beloved animals.
    I have been researching many many resorses and have found several warnings even from Vetranarians about these products.
    The first warning I found was dated 2001 and Hatrz has been aware of these problems since then,upon further investigation I also found out there are 48000 complaints about these products, also there is an ongoing CLASS ACTION LAWSIUT in the US.
    There have been many request to Hartz to put warning lables on their products to no avail.
    I Love Mocha as she has been part of our family for 9 years and am worried sick that she may not recover but hoping and praying for the best.
    I am also furious with Hartz for ignoring the requests for warning lables that i am also thinking about starting a class action suit not for the money but to make Hatrz realise that our pets are part of our families and they shoud be held accountable for making products that are known to kill pets.
    So please do not use there products or any other products that can be harmfull to your pets.

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