Hartz 3in1 carpet and flea & tick spray almost killed my min pin!

I bought Hartz 3&1 carpet and flea and tick spray well the next day i saw my dog and his eyes were swollen and red and crossed. He was vomiting and had diarrhea. I was shocked on what this product had done to my dog! i had to rush him to the vet. The vet asked what i used and i told him and he said i should have never used that stuff !!!! shame on me!?? but how was i posed to know it was gonna hurt my baby i love him i would never want to hurt him. I had to pay a $200 vet bill they had to run test on him & give him antibiotics and medicine for his immflamation.

i just wish i would have seen this website before i purchased this product and put my dogs life in danger! im sorry for the people whos babies never made it:(. my dog is doing fine now.Lets just say my fight to get this off the shelves is not even close!!!!!!!
Something needs to be done. its not right.if i only knew where too start??

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