Wow. I thought it was just me…

A couple of years ago I bought flea treatment from Wlmart for our family cat Bookie (Boo Key). If I remember correctly, it was a spray from Hatz or Heartgard. After I put some on her, she started drooling:bubbling saliva was coming from her mouth. I freaked out, ran her to the bathroom, and washed it off. I thought I was killing her. Afterward, she was fine, so I thought maybe she just had sensitive skin and that I had overreacted. I can see from this website that I didn’t.

My parents put Frontline on their cats and dogs without any problems. I’ve even purchased it for them from the vet, but I will not use anything that comes from a regular store. For my own cats (now that I live on my own), I don’t put anything on them. However, they have recently discovered the joys of the great outdoors, so I was considering getting them something from the vet. This website has definitely solidified my resolve not to use anything that can be bought at a convenience/department store. In fact, I’m even a little wary of purchasing something from the vet. Since Advantage is absorbed through their skin, I’m a little afraid that if they start to have a reaction it’s not something that I’ll just be able to wash off.

All of this is so scary. My babies also got sick from the Iams food that was recalled. Luckily, they had only had one package of it before I found out about the recall and took them to the vet. I don’t know what I would have done if they had died.

Someone needs to look out for animals. It should be simply for the fact that they are sentient beings. If it has to be becuase of their relationship to humans, fine. Whatever it takes. But this is really inexcuseable.

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