This product killed my schnauzer

I cannot believe what I am seeing on this site, it explains so much. The week before Memorial Day weekend, I ran out before work to get some quick flea treatment for Holly, my 6 year old mini schnauzer. By Monday, Memorial Day, she was dead.

It started with lethargy and vomiting. Ulitmately her skin turned dark red from head to toe, her body temp sky-rocketed, and she would not eat or drink. My vet started with the usual bath, antihistimine and steriod shots. From there we went to IV’s of more aggressive treatment. My vet contacted a dermatologist. We transferred her to an emergency clinic where she would have 24 care from a team of licensed vets…all to no avail. Holly did not respond to anything, which baffled all of the vets who tried to save her. Finally, her organs failed and she passed.

All in all, this cost abour $2000.

I am horrified that this product is on the shelves. I am wondering if lobbying retailers who carry this product would make a difference. I only bought it because it was the only choice I had at my local grocery store.

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