I can’t believe that the major pet stores continue to sell Hartz in this era of concern over pet products. Contaminated pet food from China makes the front page of all the newspapers, but this story has slipped through the cracks. I applied Hartz UltraGuard Plus flea drops for cats to my Cosmo two days ago. Cosmo weights twice the minimum weight suggested for the product and we applied it precisely according to the instructions. Cosmo vigorously tried to get the stuff off, but I thought that this was normal. After all, I thought, this product wouldn’t be on sale if it wasn’t safe. What a mistake. The next day he stopped eating, lay listless in his bed and began to have tremors in his back. We bathed him to get the product off and today he seems better. Once his symptoms showed, I began to research the product online, and discovered that permethroid flea products – INCLUDING ULTRAGUARD (which contains etofenprox, a permethroid) – are the NUMBER ONE POISONER OF CATS. You can read it for yourself at: www.vetmedpub.com/vetmed/article/articleList.jsp?categoryId=8696
This is outrageous.

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