On May 28th, 2007 I ran out of the Frontline Flea Treatment and the vets were closed and I wanted to get all of the cats treated the same day.
I went to Wal-Mart store and bought some of the Hartz Plus Flea Treatment and I put it on it on the last two cats, Charlie and Natasha.
In about three hours I woke up and found Charlie behind the couch having severe seisures.
I washed him off and called the vets office and I got the number for the emergency vets in Boone N.C.
We got Charlie there at about 2:30am and he was immediately cared for.
He was given muscle relaxers and I was allowed to see him for juat a few minutes.
We were told to come home and that we would have to come back later that morning to take him to our vet.
Upon returning home we found that Natasha was the same way.
Again we rushed her to the same place.
She was immediately given a bath and given muscle relaxers.
I was told at that time that it didn’t look good for Charlie.
I stayed there until it was time to transfer them to our vet.
When Charlie was unhooked from his IV fluids his heart stopped and he stopped breatheing.
The vet at the emergency vets did CPR on him and gave him some meds and was able to bring our Charlie back to us.
These cats were in a coma for about three days and it didn’t look good for either one of them.
Then after all the care and treatments they did come out of the coma.
These two cats will have to live with the problems that this product caused them.
We spent over $1200.00 to get our Babies back.
People should be made aware of what the Hartz Mountain pet products does to their animals.
Hartz Mountain should have to pay for all the costs that the owners have occured and pain and suffering that they occured.
It is a most horrifing ordeal when you have to watch you Baby die right in front of you.
This causes much pain.
The people that have had problems with the Hartz Mountain Corporation should be able to be compasated for all for the pain that they had to suffer and the Hartz Mountain Corporation should have to take responsibility for what they have done to these poor little babies.
They say they are a trusted Company and that they LOVE these animals and still they have this stuff on the market, WHAT LIERS they are.
These people are KILLERS!
I hope Charles and Natasha’s story will be published so that others can see what we had to live thru, and even more WHAT CHARLIE AND NATASHA HAD TO GO THRU WITH THAT POISON GOING THRU THEIR LITTLE BODYS.
Thank You very much,
Joyce Way
Joseph Nicholas

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