Sergents Silver made my cats sick

My husband is severely allergic to fleas so last weekend i bot some Sergents Silver spot on flea & tic medicine. Now both of my cats are very ill. Gracie (1 1/2 years old) was very lethergic for 2 days, walking like she was very sore, not eating or drinking. Last night I got her to drink some water and this morning she actually got up on her own and ate and drank some water. My other cat Cleo (3 years old) is much bigger than Gracie so it took longer for it to affect her. All day yesterday all she did was lay around. She didn’t eat or drink. She wouldn’t even come out of the bedroom this morning. I can’t believe I have never heard of these flea medicines doing this to animals. I feel like a horrible "mom". I’m leaving work now to go home and bathe my babies.

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