Hopefully everything will be alright.

I went to Petco today to purchase some flea and tick treatment for our 1 yr old short hair pointer since he runs around a lot off lead in wooded areas. i bought the Hartz InControl product. We applied the tube to his back and then I decided to research the ingredients just out of curiosity.
Thankfully I came upon this website. When my dad came back from walking him we immediately gave him a bath. I don’t know if this is helped or not but most of the pesticide was still on his coat and not on his skin. It kind of started to cake there before we washed it off.
My family adopted him about a month ago when someone abandoned him in an alleyway for 2 weeks. Seeing that it has only been a month and I’m already attached to him I truly feel sorry for those that have lost pets due to the negligence of Hartz. I’m very thankful that I came upon this website and to all those that took the time out to write about their experiences so that they can help people like myself.
Not only will I not go near any Hartz flea and tick product but I will not purchase any of their other products.
Hopefully everything turns out well and I wake up tomorrow morning and following poisoning him because of the fact that I was too lazy to research the chemicals I was putting on him beforehand.
Again, I thank all those that make this website possible and tot hose that have shared their tragic experiences to educate others.

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