Flea Collar Kills

I am 15 years old and I just got my first cat. We lived near a busy street so I kept her inside all the time. One night I stayed the night at a friends and I put her in my room so she would not get out side. Well my parents were bbqing and she got out some how, I came home the next day and she was missing. I looked all around for her and a day and a half later my 8 year old sister found her hanging from a little tree in our backyard. It was all because of the stupid flea & tick collars from Hartz. My cat was only 7 months old. With that much pressure I think the flea collar should have snapped or broke. We followed the instructions and it still killed her. I advise everyone to take all collars off of their animals. Hartz need to make a some type of snapping collar so when that make pressure would get put on there then it would snap off. No animals deserves to die like that.

RIP Cassie

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