ANY Hartz product

Plsease, I beg of you, if you use, or know of anyone using ANY hartz product, please stop. Inform others because unfortunately Hartz has been killing and injuring pets for years knowingly and nothing has come of this and probably never will. I have been in the animal business for over 6 years and cannot count on all fingers and toes how many pets I have seen injured or killed from numerous Hartz products. For a fact I have witnessed the flea drops, the wormers, and even the shampoo kill our friends. I have often wondered if it were possible to sue the company and the store (Wal-Mart) for carrying it. But, they are heartless when contacted about illness or death of your beloved pet. Which then leads me to believe that Hartz would only reproduce itself into a different name, same murderous products. I am shocked to find out that PETA is not even going to touch this one. What has this money grubbing world come to. Just educate yourself and others, ban ALL Hartz products and affiliates…like Wal-mart.

3 in 1 home spray – Danger!

I sprayed my rugs and pet bedding with this product in early afternoon, following label directions and keept my dogs outdoors until it dried. Around 11 pm I was horrified to watch my beagle get up from his favorite cushion, stumble drunkenly and fall down as he tried to walk across the room. I pulled up all the rugs and bedding and took them outside. Next morning he was no better, so I bathed him. Called Hartz and was given an earful of lies about how this had never happened before. Another bath and, after two days, he’s finally eating again, not throwing up so much, but still wobbly.

Never again will I use Hartz products!

problems with pesticides in carpet treatment

I wanted to add our story because the same ingredients in a different Hartz product (carpet treatment) made our cat seriously ill.

One of our cats turned out to be extremely sensitive to the pesticides in the Hartz 3 in 1 carpet treatment, resulting in a weekend stay at the veterinary emergency room. The telltale symptom was that his third eyelids came up and didn’t go back down–at the time we took him in to the vetER, we didn’t realize at the time how serious his condition would become, so it was fortunate we were already there when he began to have tremors and needed to have oxygen, medication, and fluids administered, the last to flush the pestidices out of his system. (We thought the third eyelids were inflamed conjunctiva, and had taken him in for that, but the vet recognized the symptoms of pesticide poisoning right away.) I came across this site when I got back home and was looking up the ingredients of the Hartz product to pass along to the vet to confirm her diagnosis, since I’d thrown away the packaging. Oleo’s exposure to the medicine had to be minimal–he may have gotten some that we missed with the vacuum on his paws that he then licked off, or he may have ended up breathing in some of the dust, although we’d taken the precaution of isolating the cats on the screened back porch while dusting the house. It dismays me that we could have killed our cat by using a product we thought we could trust…and the irony is that we still have the fleas. I continue to vacuum every day to mechanically control the fleas, and I continue to take the precaution of putting the cats out on the porch each time I vacuum in case any residual powder is stirred up. Oleo’s on a slow road to recovery. I hope our story can help someone else avoid what we went through, or worse.


I recently purchased HARTZ 3in1 Flea & Tick Drops and after putting it on my 4 year old Pug within 12 hours she was having SEVERE MUSCLE TREMORS AND SO MUCH SWELLING IN HER THROAT THAT SHE COULD BARELY BREATH!!!.. I took her to my vet and in gave her 3 injections in her neck and THANK GOD she is a little better 24 hours later. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER PRODUCT FROM HARTZ AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is a bunch of non sence why are these products on the shelf still

Ok well im not the writer in the family but my younger sister is emotially drained and needs some help being strong right now about 2 weeks ago now she bought the flea drops from the store and applyed as directed well almost instancely her two cats (children) begain licking the poison off need less to say both cats became very ill to the point they were vomiting not moving and not breathing very well she took them to the vet where both had to have ivs antibiotics and are in need of looking after to the point she is afraid to go to work because she does not want to come home and find her children dead ive read some of the victims storys and i have to ask why the heck have they not recalled these products or atleast boy cot this murderious company? something has to be done to many people are losing their children(pet) this is not right please feel free to e mail me if any one wants to help thank you soo much for support

Poison Products

Years ago we had a parakeet that became very lathargic, not singing, eating etc. My mom took the bird to the vet and was asked if we were feeding him Hartz food. My mother WAS feeding the bird Hartz and was told by the vet that Hartz put a poison in the bird food to slowly kill the bird because they also bred birds to sell to the public. Your bird would die and more than likely go and replace the bird. Mom started feeding the bird fresh seed and the bird was fine! I wonder if they don’t have a hand in dog and cat breeding?
Kingston, Pa.

My dog is still not out of the woods

We have an older pug and were going to go camping for the weekend so I picked up some Hartz 4 in 1 flea drops at WalMart just to protect him. It wasn’t long after that he had a severe seizure, was foaming at the mouth and very disoriented. He has had several mild seizures and a few very bad ones. He is now blind, the vet said he has detached retinas due to the severity of the seizures. I have scrubbed and scrubbed him trying to get this CRAP off of him, and I think he will be okay now, but according to the vet he will still be blind. My two other dogs are fine and used the same medicine on them, but different weights. If I would have known about this site before hand I would never have used this garbage! WE LOVE OUR PETS! I am not going to take this lightly, and am filing as many complaints as I can.

I don’t understand…

I don’t understand why anyone would buy the cheapest product they could find to treat ticks or fleas. If any of you had actually taken your pet to the vet they would have told you to NEVER purchase over the counter flea or tick products of ANY kind!!! This is absolute common sense! If you can’t afford your pet you really should rethink getting them.

Hartz 4 in 1 Advanced Care Flea and Tick Drops

My dogs are like my kids. The eldest was put to sleep last year after attaining almost 20 years of age. They tell me that is a long life for a mixed collie.
I live in south centra PA. and we didn’t have an extremely cold winter, so three days ago I bought the Hartz 4 in1 Advanced Care Flea and Tick drops to give to my other two dogs. I used as directed and within 48 hours, witnessed a nightmare.
I came home yesterday to see what I will call, Charles Manson was in my house.
My two dogs had such bad diaharrea and were laying on the floor with no energy.
They drank all their water, which they never do and did not want to come back into the house, even after I cleaned everything up. They would not eat, I was able with coaxing to get them to drink water. I am not sure who was scared more, they or I. After calling vet and frineds, we figured out what it was. The Hartz product.
Others recounted similar events, that now in hindsight, seem to center on this product. I will never use another Hartz product again. Also, I question the dosage instructions on the package also. They are incorrect. I hope they both survive this ordeal.

New Kitten, bad reaction!

I put some Sentry 5 Way Protection Flea and Tick on my nine-month old kitten last night. We wanted to keep her an indoor cat, but our kids come and go in the house and she’s since gotten out a few times. For the most part she hung around the house, but I did see her go in the woods a few times as well. After she came in a few days ago, I checked her for ticks and found 3. I decided I should at least protect her from these nasty things so I purchased the Sentry stuff yesterday and applied it last night.

Almost immediately after applying it I noticed she became very quiet and lethargic. I chalked it up to her being tired from her day and put her in our finished basement where she sleeps at night. This morning she wasn’t crying at the door to be let out. I even made a comment to my husband about how strange that was. When I opened the basement door, she was just sitting on the front step and didn’t make an attempt to come into the kitchen. I then prepared her breakfast and again, she made zero attempt to move. This is SO unlike her – she is a kitten after all!

After reading some of these comments, I tried washing her with Palmolive (I didn’t have Dawn). Of course, she hated it, and I now bear some beautiful cat scratch tattoos. I also tried drying her as best I could, but now I see her licking herself as cats do.

Whenever I put this stuff on my dog (who is almost 6), he acts all strange and runs off after the application. I usually use Frontline on him. I always feel so bad b/c he can’t tell me if it bothers him, but my intention is to protect him. I don’t notice any vomiting or diarrhea from him, just some weird behavior for a few hours.

I am worried about my kitten, however. This was the first application she’s ever had and I don’t like her reaction. Other than the lethargy and loss of appetite, I don’t notice any other symptoms. But I’m worried something may manifest in the next day or two.

Thank you for reading this, and I sympathize with anyone who has lost an animal just because we thought we were doing the “right thing.”