My husband went to the store today. He picked up some Hartz Advanced Care 2 in 1 flea and tick dog spray. We sprayed our dogs (1 large and 1 small – both over 5 years old). We also have 3 cats and I decided to look on the internet to see if we could, healthily, spray our cats with the same spray. I couldn’t believe what I found. Why is this product still on the market if so many animals have been injuried or killed? Why do we have to spend our money on vet bills, or worse, grieve over our animals when it’s so documented that this product is dangerous? I BETTER NOT LOOSE ANY OF MY BABIES!!!!!! There’s enough documentation on the internet that I WILL see them in court. My babies may not mean a lot to anyone else (especially Hartz) but they are ALL rescued babies (Rocky (cat)-befriended stray mamma cat brought her sick little baby and laid him down at their feet; Tigger/Bittibit (cat)-raised in a barn and rescued before trip to animal shelter; Pooh Bear (basset mix)-getting ready to be abandoned because owner moving to apartment; and Chrissy (yorkie)-elderly male owner pasted away and wife’s daughter wouldn’t let her come to live with her-we kept her so she wouldn’t have to go to pound. We love all our babies and NOTHING better not happen because we trusted a product that is on our store’s shelves!!!!!!!!!!!!

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