Sick pug

I have a pug which is 4 yrs old now and 2 yrs ago she got fleas. I decided to use hartz flea and tick powder from Hartz. I put it on her in the afternoon and by the next morning she was not acting like herself. She was very sluggish and not eating, well by that afternoon the dog was deathly sick, vomiting, bloody diarrhea,
very lethargic. I ended up rushing her to the vets and they had to keep her and we were not sure we were going to have her anymore. After 2 days in the vets and over 1400.00 in vets fees she recovered. I contacted Hartz about this and told them about how sick she got and told them that she had the symptoms as was on there products warning. They told me to forward everything to them and they would review it. Well needless to say they came back to me and told me that their product was not responsible for her bad health and they would not reimburse me for anything. I now tell everyone I can not to use those products because of the danger to their pets–even strangers in the store if I see them looking at the Hartz products

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