Healthy Cat is harmed by Seargents

As I write this we wait to find out whether our baby will live or die. Our can is a 1.5 yr old healthy cat. We went to Wal-mart to obtain flea shampoo to help with her flea problem. She had worm a flea collar before so I did not hesitate with the flea shampoo. I knew flea dip was considered more dangerous so I chose the shampoo as a safe and less intense alternative. The directions stated that I was to apply a “generous” amount and leave for 4-5 minutes. Knowing how much she hates baths I just used a little and rinsed it right off. She was fine for almost 24 hours. We went out to lunch and she was fine, when we can in an hour later she was seizing in the floor, unable to move. We rushed her to the animal hospital. The vet informed us that she was having a toxic reaction to the flea shampoo. He was frank with us, saying that 80% of these cases that they encountered ended in death. He assured us that her symptoms were of the most mild he had encountered and he had no reason to believe she would not make it after 24 hours of hospitalization with an IV drip to clean her system. I can home and immediately washed her sister who had also had the bath but was showing no signs with Dawn as suggested to remove any other possible residue in case of a delayed reaction. We sit and pray, hoping she will be home with us in the morning.

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