I almost

This has been one of the worst weeks of my life.
I went on vacation and boarded my cat for 2 weeks. When I picked him up from the kennel I noticed that he was scratching his head alot. That usually means he has picked up a flea or two. He is a house cat and usually we do not have flea issues.
On my way home with Bogart, we stopped by our local Pet Store and I purchased litter, dry food and wet food. As an after thought I mentioned to the clerk that my cat had picked up some fleas and could he get me the Flea Product. He brought me what I thought was exactly the same product I had used when I first got Boagart. It is ZODIAC, POWERSPOT flea and tick control. It looked exactly like what I had used 6 months prior.
I took Bogart and all my supplies home. I applied the vial to Bogarts neck and went to bed.
In the morning Bogart was going crazy scratching at his neck. It was really bothering him and I was curious because the application 6 months prior had no noticeable effect on him. He started falling down and rubbing and banging his head against everything.
I immediately bathed him to try and get it off.
Bogarts condition continued to worsen and I called the vets. (they were closed and referred me to an emergency animal hospital) I called them and told them what was happening and they told me to get there as quickly as possible. They also told me to bring the product with me.
Once Bogart had been admitted and started on IV fluids and Valium, we looked at the product.
the clerk had given me the DOG product instead of the cat product. The clerk is a young fellow who works there after school and has not pesticide training and was obviously not knowledgeable about the product(s) he was selling.
After 5 days of vetrinarian care and emergency care and $1800.00 in vet bills, Bogart is starting to recover ( I hope)
He is eating a little and has diarehea, but is becoming more sociable.
His hair on his neck burnt off and they had to shampoo him 3 times with degreasing shampoo. He had to be sedated most of the time.
I cannot buy slug bait or bug spray for my garden without being consulted by an expert in pesticides and yet I can openly purchase toxic products for my pet sold by an after school person. This is totally UNACCEPTABLE, Enough is Enough!

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