ANY Hartz product

Plsease, I beg of you, if you use, or know of anyone using ANY hartz product, please stop. Inform others because unfortunately Hartz has been killing and injuring pets for years knowingly and nothing has come of this and probably never will. I have been in the animal business for over 6 years and cannot count on all fingers and toes how many pets I have seen injured or killed from numerous Hartz products. For a fact I have witnessed the flea drops, the wormers, and even the shampoo kill our friends. I have often wondered if it were possible to sue the company and the store (Wal-Mart) for carrying it. But, they are heartless when contacted about illness or death of your beloved pet. Which then leads me to believe that Hartz would only reproduce itself into a different name, same murderous products. I am shocked to find out that PETA is not even going to touch this one. What has this money grubbing world come to. Just educate yourself and others, ban ALL Hartz products and affiliates…like Wal-mart.

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