3 in 1 home spray – Danger!

I sprayed my rugs and pet bedding with this product in early afternoon, following label directions and keept my dogs outdoors until it dried. Around 11 pm I was horrified to watch my beagle get up from his favorite cushion, stumble drunkenly and fall down as he tried to walk across the room. I pulled up all the rugs and bedding and took them outside. Next morning he was no better, so I bathed him. Called Hartz and was given an earful of lies about how this had never happened before. Another bath and, after two days, he’s finally eating again, not throwing up so much, but still wobbly.

Never again will I use Hartz products!

One thought on “3 in 1 home spray – Danger!”

  1. I just used this advanced hartz 3 in 1 spray on my rotweiller & she is going nuts!! kept me up alnight …peed in the hall…panting like crazy drinking aalot of water stuff she never does!!I dont understand what’s going on but she is my LIFE!! we got each other & this makes me so upset im sitting here crying!!she seems to not even lie down to relax I even tried the calming pill i have for her during storms & nothing is helping!!

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