this is a bunch of non sence why are these products on the shelf still

Ok well im not the writer in the family but my younger sister is emotially drained and needs some help being strong right now about 2 weeks ago now she bought the flea drops from the store and applyed as directed well almost instancely her two cats (children) begain licking the poison off need less to say both cats became very ill to the point they were vomiting not moving and not breathing very well she took them to the vet where both had to have ivs antibiotics and are in need of looking after to the point she is afraid to go to work because she does not want to come home and find her children dead ive read some of the victims storys and i have to ask why the heck have they not recalled these products or atleast boy cot this murderious company? something has to be done to many people are losing their children(pet) this is not right please feel free to e mail me if any one wants to help thank you soo much for support

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