My dog is still not out of the woods

We have an older pug and were going to go camping for the weekend so I picked up some Hartz 4 in 1 flea drops at WalMart just to protect him. It wasn’t long after that he had a severe seizure, was foaming at the mouth and very disoriented. He has had several mild seizures and a few very bad ones. He is now blind, the vet said he has detached retinas due to the severity of the seizures. I have scrubbed and scrubbed him trying to get this CRAP off of him, and I think he will be okay now, but according to the vet he will still be blind. My two other dogs are fine and used the same medicine on them, but different weights. If I would have known about this site before hand I would never have used this garbage! WE LOVE OUR PETS! I am not going to take this lightly, and am filing as many complaints as I can.

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