New Kitten, bad reaction!

I put some Sentry 5 Way Protection Flea and Tick on my nine-month old kitten last night. We wanted to keep her an indoor cat, but our kids come and go in the house and she’s since gotten out a few times. For the most part she hung around the house, but I did see her go in the woods a few times as well. After she came in a few days ago, I checked her for ticks and found 3. I decided I should at least protect her from these nasty things so I purchased the Sentry stuff yesterday and applied it last night.

Almost immediately after applying it I noticed she became very quiet and lethargic. I chalked it up to her being tired from her day and put her in our finished basement where she sleeps at night. This morning she wasn’t crying at the door to be let out. I even made a comment to my husband about how strange that was. When I opened the basement door, she was just sitting on the front step and didn’t make an attempt to come into the kitchen. I then prepared her breakfast and again, she made zero attempt to move. This is SO unlike her – she is a kitten after all!

After reading some of these comments, I tried washing her with Palmolive (I didn’t have Dawn). Of course, she hated it, and I now bear some beautiful cat scratch tattoos. I also tried drying her as best I could, but now I see her licking herself as cats do.

Whenever I put this stuff on my dog (who is almost 6), he acts all strange and runs off after the application. I usually use Frontline on him. I always feel so bad b/c he can’t tell me if it bothers him, but my intention is to protect him. I don’t notice any vomiting or diarrhea from him, just some weird behavior for a few hours.

I am worried about my kitten, however. This was the first application she’s ever had and I don’t like her reaction. Other than the lethargy and loss of appetite, I don’t notice any other symptoms. But I’m worried something may manifest in the next day or two.

Thank you for reading this, and I sympathize with anyone who has lost an animal just because we thought we were doing the “right thing.”

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