Hartz 4 in 1 Advanced Care Flea and Tick Drops

My dogs are like my kids. The eldest was put to sleep last year after attaining almost 20 years of age. They tell me that is a long life for a mixed collie.
I live in south centra PA. and we didn’t have an extremely cold winter, so three days ago I bought the Hartz 4 in1 Advanced Care Flea and Tick drops to give to my other two dogs. I used as directed and within 48 hours, witnessed a nightmare.
I came home yesterday to see what I will call, Charles Manson was in my house.
My two dogs had such bad diaharrea and were laying on the floor with no energy.
They drank all their water, which they never do and did not want to come back into the house, even after I cleaned everything up. They would not eat, I was able with coaxing to get them to drink water. I am not sure who was scared more, they or I. After calling vet and frineds, we figured out what it was. The Hartz product.
Others recounted similar events, that now in hindsight, seem to center on this product. I will never use another Hartz product again. Also, I question the dosage instructions on the package also. They are incorrect. I hope they both survive this ordeal.

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