I Had To Put My Dog To Sleep This Morning

My baby…Dixie was a shipperke, a fine healthy, happy girl. I applied Hartz flea & tick drops to her and my other baby Molly, an Austrailian Cattle Dog. On April 10th, by April 13th, we were at the vet, due to vomiting, and not eating or drinking or peeing or pooping. She had severe tremors and convulsions. She lost 8 pounds within days and looked awful. After continuous visits to the vet for shots and IV’s, my Dixie had to be put to sleep this morning (May 5, 2007). We thought we had this beat, we were feeding her through a syringe, oatmeal, honey, gatorade, broths, anything we could get down her. She was finally starting to drink on her own. Then this morning, I took my girls out for their morning tinkle when my Dixie just laid down. When she stood up, she threw up and promptly fell down in it due to her weakened legs. I scooped her up and had her at the vet’s office within minutes. As I was waiting for him to get to his office, she got a glassy look on her face and when I picked her up to take her in, she was almost limp. I knew this was the end and told the doctor that I can’t handle seeing her suffer. As he gave her the shot, I rubbed her side and told her how much I love her and told her that she was going to go to sleep but when she wakes up, she’ll be in Heaven and I want her to be one of the first one’s to greet me when I get there. I have spent the day crying continuously and looking for her in all her favorite spots. At least she is out of her pain. I will NEVER buy Hartz products again. While my Dixie is gone, my Molly lives on with no adverse side effects…God received an angel this morning at 8:20 a.m. This sadness is deep, but I know one day we will run & jump and play once again. If you love your pet, PLEASE BE CAREFUL what you put on them! By the way…my final vet bill was $831. What an expensive education and what a tremendous loss…

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