Hartz In Control – Relfecting Flea & Tick Collar Warning

We’re having tick problems. Had the house “bombed” 1 month ago (we left the house for 5 hours) by a professional exterminator. We use K9 ADVANTIX once a month on Murphy, our12 year old Scottish Terrier. We haven’t seen any ticks in the house / porch since the “bombing” but Murphy still gets daily ticks from somewhere…They are on her head, eye area, neck. I tried washing with Tick Shampoo. She still gets ticks. So two days ago I bought Hartz In Control – Relfecting Flea & Tick Collar and put it on her about 4 PM. She seemed OK. When we got up the next morning we saw that Murphy had thown up several times on our porch. I immediately took the Hertz Collar off. She didn’t eat or drink all day. She was lethargic. She didn’t want to do our daily 2 mile walk outside (a daily activity for the past 12 years) After contacting my vet, I washed Murphy about 3 PM with mild dog shampoo. She usually runs around the pool area all wet after washing. Not this time. However, by 9 PM she started taking drinks of water and ate a little dinner. This morning she ate normally! What a scare. My vet says never use the over the counter tick collars….too strong.

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