My wife and I prepared for the flea and tick season by our first time ever purchasing Hartz 5 in 1 drops for our 18 lb,2.5 yr old terrier ( Kinzy) and our 81 lb pound ,7 yr old pitbull terrior (Mojo) .
We love these dogs with all our hearts, they are our family .
Yesterday evening I applied the drops according to instructions and weight of the animals . About a half an hour after application . I began to notice a restlessness in Kinzy .I thought that this sympton would be temporary. Approximately 5 hours later at our ( bedtime) the restlessness was still quit evident. Both my wife and I were treated to intermittant bouts of disturbance by Kinzy.At 3:00 in the morning . I washed her with Dawn dish soap because it was completely obvious and evident that our dogs behavior was created by our application of the Hartz product . I also washed Mojo.The symptons displayed were not simply a itching condition because either dog, never once rubbed or rolled on its back to scratch etc . The restlessness appeared to be more of a internal problem.
We consider this a close call and threat to our family. We will never use Hartz products again ,and will share this information to all sources that we can .

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