Apply Hartz and puppy started to vomit

We went to PETCO and bought HARTZ 3 in 1 for small dogs and puppies. My little yorkiepoo Prissy got so sick. We applied it to her at night by the next afternoon she was vomiting with loose stool. We took her to the vet later that day. They informed us about how horrible that stuff is. She is on pain medicine and can’t hold her food down. I have washed her with DAWN but i’m still very concerned. I hope she gets better.

Labrador retriever sick from hartz advantage drops

5 year old totally healthy trained hunting dog given advantage drops, 1 hour later he was lying on the ground, legs twitching, heart racing, large pupils, drooling,.. I was afraid he was going to have a seizure. He was very scared. He did not injest the drops, it was all on his back// I washed the area with plenty of soap and water. I would have brought him to the vet, but it was Sunday April 1 2007 afternoon and I wanted to keep my dog calm and relaxed as possible. He started to recover a bit after a half hour, but I kept him in his kennel the rest of the day to make sure he got rest. This is bad stuff. Bad bad bad

Hartz marketing under new name

Hartz Mountain is owned by Sumitomo Corporation of America (SCOA) and has a new facility in Fort Lee NJ, as well as the main offices in Secaucus NJ. From what I understand, they are marketing under the name Summit Pet Products – possibly directly to veterinarians.

Please read all packaging very carefully, and ask your veterinarians to do so as well. Look for the names Hartz, Sumitomo, SCOA, Summit, Fort Lee NJ, Secaucus NJ, Wellmark.


Please know that you should never-even if the packaging says its safe- use flea/tick medications on kittens under 6 months of age. It can kill them. IF you have a little one that has fleas- the only thing you can safely do is wash them a couple of times a week with Dawn dish washing liquid. It won’t kill all the fleas, but, it will eliminate a lot of them. If the infestation is too bad, your vet may prescribe an iodine shampoo. Please, don’t medicate the little one with out seeing or speaking to a vet first. Your kitten will be around a very long time to thank you.

Any suggestions for another victim?

I too have fallen victim to Hartz One Spot flea drops. My beautiful 2 yr old long hair siamese Henry went to the vet on monday, today he still isn’t eating or drinking, he stays hidden in the house. We are praying for his recovery. He got some shots but other than that, i don’t know what else to do for him. Does anyone know of anything we can do to help him make it through this?