Look for Pictures, a History of Hartz Deaths

I spoke with my roomates about the Hartz medication and came back with terrible stories. My boyfriend explained that when he was a child two of his animals a cat and dog had worms. His mother didn’t have the money for a vet visit so used Hartz instead. Both animals were dead or comotose by the next day. This is an event that really bothered him as a child since it seemed that whenever the animals were treated there was an incident.

It also came out the my other roomate had treated their whippet when she was a child with it and he suffered similar symptoms. She also lost a dog recently due to the Alpo contamination. It greatly upset her because she used to handfeed her dog the very food that was killing her.

I am looking for pictures, I want to post flyers around town to explain the dangers of Hartz. If I can get permission from my fellow readers, I would very much like to use your images to get the message across. I’m looking for pictures of injured or ill pets that are related to Hartz. Please send the pictures with your story to [email protected] or [email protected]

I’m terribly sorry for your losses, but it’s time to take a stand. We need to make this right.
-Hannah Miller

My pet survived! Thank goodness.

this weekend I went to my local Wal-mart and bought the Hartz Advanced Care topical 4 in 1 treatment. I applied it and within 3 hours my dog could not stand up. I washed him and then he started convulsing. I contacted my local vet. He worked on him for many hours and then sent me to a larger emergency clinic in another town. Thank goodness my dog is okay now. I contacted Hartz and now have to wait 4 to 6 weeks for them to do their investigation. I am very anoyed and angry that there are even products out there on store shelves to buy that could rob us of our beloved pets. There has been so much on the news about pet food why have I heard nothing about Flea products!!!! Why is this company still in business?

Marty Mouse is Dangerous

Recently a friend purchased one of Hartz’s products, ?Marty Mouse?, for our cats as a Christmas present. The toy is marketed as a cat toy and has a long tail with a bell attached to the end. The tail is clearly the piece that attracts the cat to the toy. This was certainly the case with one of our cats named Devin.
Devin has played with the toy for about two months. A few weeks ago, the entire tail came off of Marty Mouse while Devin was playing with it. Devin ingested the entire tail, including the bell. Unfortunately I was not home when this occurred. However, when I returned home that afternoon Devin was violently ill. He was vomiting almost non stop for the entire afternoon and throughout the night.
I took Devin to Dr. Cantwell the next morning where he underwent a series of tests and x-rays. These revealed the bell inside his stomach. Fabric does not appear on x-rays so we were not aware at that time that the entire tail had been swallowed. We left Devin with the vet for the day where he underwent more tests and was monitored. They could not figure out if the metal object inside his stomach (which we now know was the bell) was causing the illness so we took him home to monitor him ourselves for the night.
Devin got worse throughout the night and we had to rush him to the emergency vet. They could also not conclude if he needed surgery as we could only see the bell in his stomach and could not tell that it was obstructing his entire digestive system. We took Devin home and decided to go back to our primary vet first thing in the morning.
Our vet decided the next day that he needed surgery. Once they were able to perform the surgery they discovered the entire tail inside of Devin?s stomach and intestines. It was clearly what was obstructing him and making him vomit. The doctor said that we were lucky to have gotten this out as leaving it in could have resulted in death for Devin.
I am making you aware of this story as I have strong concerns about Marty Mouse being available for retail today. Not only could another cat or dog encounter this same problem, but children are at risk as well. The Hartz Company markets Marty Mouse as a cat toy (you can see this clearly on the packaging) and the tail is the obvious attractor to pets. The fact that the entire tail came off so easily is a choking hazard for all animals and small children.

I wrote the above letter to Hartz and have not yet heard back at all. I am disgusted and hope that together we can help raise awareness about the dangers of this company. If anyone has suggestions for me I would really appreciate it as I am at a loss for what to do next.

This company must pay

My cat is suffering too, I used the drops, but then when I knew about this issues, I washed him , but still do with the leftover he is bleeding everytime I pet him, my other cat is dying because she licked this poison, she is not able to poop and eventually she will leave, just because this company is so irresponsible, we should take legal action against this company, please lets do something.
I am new to this country, as you can see my english is not perfect, and I don’t know the system but I want to save other cats, lets do something


Last night I decided to use Hartz, Oneshot, topical flea treatment. My cat moved quickly and some of the product was put further down his neck than was recommended. I tried to rub it in so he wouldn’t lick it. Well as you know, cats are very flexible and he was able to ingest some of it. I called the vet to see if this would be a problem, they didn’t know anything about Hartz. So I just watched him for a bit and then all of a sudden, he started to act very strange, first he looked very skittish, he then started to walk funny like he was drunk. I then started to wash his fur to get as much of this off as possible. He then got very lethargic and not himself at all. I tried to call the 1 800 # but their office was closed. I tried to give him water but he wouldn’t take anything. So I kept an eye on him and after a few hours he started to “come” around. Although, he was still not himself. I found this web site, thankyou so much for all the info by the way. I did call the company this AM. They were very polite, yet stated that their product is safe. They did say to contact them if he needed any vet care. So I hope that there will be no long term effect on my cat. I will WARN anyone not to use this product.


Tucker (our three year old pug) has had bad fleas lately so we were washing him in Hartz Advanced Care every three – four days. Yesterday we left it on a little longer then usual and all day he was acting funny. His head was hung low, he couldnt seem to get comfortable to sleep ALL night keeping us up, he wouldnt eat or drink, he was breathing a little funny and this morning he could hardly walk. Our vet said that he probably was having a bad reaction from the flea soap and to wash him in water and Dawn soap concentrating on his toes and anus since thats where it tends to absorb the quickest. We cooked him some chicken and he’s doing pretty good. His eyes are clear and he’s taking a good nap right now. I would rather deal with the fleas or wash him in Dawn and pick them out by hand then to ever have to go through this again. The worst of it is that the soap is “Refreshing White Tea Fragrence” which is geared towards Nature Buffs like myself. I’m going back to the all natural shampoo personally. I dont remember the brand or I’d plug it. It has a natural chemical fleas hate and it wont harm anyone but them. It’s really sad that Hartz is risking the health of the animals it claims to protect.

Kitty was Shaking, Foaming and disoriented–She’s Alive Still

She is alive still, Hope this works for someone else out there, worth a try.
What I did read is listed below, but this is the quicky, not sure if this is what kept our cat alive but at least she is.
1) forced fluids(milk and water) by syringe intraorally
2) Thoroughly, Washed entire kitty with Orange Go-Jo Hand cleaner and Rinsed with lots of water
3) Dried to remove any residual
4) Washed again with DishSoap Dried with different towel
5) More Fluids by syringe milk and water
6) Fed her chicken/sandwich meat after a couple hours when she would finally eat
7) More Milk and water by syringe] 8) She is much better now will keep updated almost back to normal.
Well yesterday I decided to try and get rid of some fleas on my cat. I bought Hartz flea drops at Wal Mart and applied it to her as directed. All was okay until about 4 hours later when we noticed she was really shaky, licking her lips oddly, and not able to walk well. I immedietely went online and found this site. I thought my wife is going to hate me and for sure our cat wouldn’t make it through the night. Well, I acted quickly, and the first thing I did was try and give her milk and water she wouldn’t drink or eat. So I found a syringe without needle, my wife is a nurse and I’m in Dental School so we had some, I intraorally forced fluids into her by lifting her chin and holding her mouth closed while I squirted milk and water into her mouth. I then got the strongest possible cleaner I could think of Orange Go-Jo hand cleaner and washed her with this. This removes about anything even the smell of Fish and Catfish Stink bait I once learned from an old timer. After the first bath I dried her hoping to wipe off any residual Flea Meds then washed her again with DishSoap. I washed all of her body and feet. Then more fluids by syringing. Let her relax. Well after a couple hours she started eating chicken and lunch meat from my hand she wouldn’t touch anything else, but when she dropped it she was so disoriented she still wasn’t able to pick it up. After a good amount of chicken I gave her more Fluids the same way as above. Today she is much improved but still a little lethargic but is almost back to normal even jumping up to look out the window. Hopefully she will be okay. Sorry for all of you that have lost a loved one. San Antonio, Texas

Yet another instance.

I found a flee treatment the other day while cleaning up my laundry room. I put it on my cat Blacky. The next day my daughter told me to look at him. He was having a seizer. I picked him up and help him until it was over. I then washed the back of his neck until all the medicine was off.
He is still is having a hard time walking and his ears and face keep twitching. Just so you all know, this happend on 4-7-07. I feel guilty as hell giving it to him. I’m trying to keep a close eye on him. I think he had one other seizer last night while in my lap. All of a sudden he start shaking uncontrollably and fell from my lap. 2 minutes later he was back. Any suggestions on what I can? I don’t have enough money at this time to bring him to a vet.

Eric Koenig
Burleson, Texas

hartz at petsmart

i have heard about hartz products – in a very bad way and was a little surprised to see that hartz is new on the shelves at petsmart. is there anything that can be done to have this product removed from shelves. it was store #1098, in Kingston, NY. i would hate to see more animals getting sick because their owners are trying to save money and using this product.

Hartz InControl drops almost killed my cat

My name is Richard Goranflo and on the night of April 3, 2007 I purchased Hartz InControl Flea & Tick Drops For Cats 5lbs. & Over. My 11 months old cat, GIR, had been scratching more than usual and I did not see the brand of flea treatment I usually use (Advantage), so I assumed this product would be the next best thing. I applied the first drops as directed at approximately 9PM that night and went to bed. A few hours later he started making more noise than usual, but I didn?t think much about it. He’s a very vocal cat, so I figured he was just being a butt hole and wanted to keep me awake. However, the next morning his behavior started to scare me. He started drooling uncontrollably, having seizures in his back legs and tail, appeared to lack any energy, and hid under my bed. Poor GIR looked miserable and it was my fault.

The first thing I did was hit the net and see if I could find any possible side effects of this medication. Lo and behold I found this site first and became terrified. I called my vet and scheduled an appointment. When I got him in, my vet asked what product I used and didn’t seem surprised at all. Apparently Hartz’s InControl line is supposed to be a new formula replacing the last one that had to be withdrawn from the market, but obviously it isn’t much better.

To make sure GIR was going to recover the vet immediately bathed him, took a blood sample, administered SQ hydration fluids, and gave him a muscle relaxer to subdue the seizures. Luckily GIR pulled through and the blood tests came back indicating that he should be fine.

What was supposed to be an easy solution to a mild case of fleas because a $230.30 vet bill along with half a day of missed work. I just now finished writing them a letter with my attached bill demanding a refund. I implore you, PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT. I feel like an idiot for not knowing, but at the same time I’m furious that one has to research to know whether or not a flea medication may murder your pet.

Feel free to contact me at any time if you have any further questions about what my cat went through.
rgoranflo AT gmail DOT com