My kitten could have died..

I used a Sentry (I believe it’s also called Sergeant’s) spray on my 2 kittens yesterday now knowing that there were any dangers what-so-ever. Not even 30 minutes later, one of my kittens was breathing funny and his nose was running. I thought he was just nervous because we were at someone else’s house so we took both of them for a car ride. (They like the car) 5 minutes after we got in the car, he started drooling massive amounts. He looked like a rabid dog. I didn’t know what else to do so I rushed him and his brother to an animal hospital where they gave both of them a bath with special stripping shampoo. As soon as that crap was off of him, He was fine. I was so lucky that the product hadn’t been on them for that long because the vet told me the affects that flea stuff can have on animals. I was shocked. Now I’m just pissed. If only I had know beforehand I would have NEVER used anything on them except for Frontline.

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