8 year old chihuahua has nerve damage due to Hartz Once-a-month flea & tick

My mother had used the treatment on her chihuahua several times. The dog is now living with me and mom had given me two packages of the medicine. Tics were a problem this year, 2007, so I put part of a tube of the 15 lbs or under medicine on Skeeter’s neck. She was lethargic all day. The next day her ear was twitching. I didn’t equate the two at first, but by 5pm, I had looked the medicine up on the internet, Permethrin, and immediately bathed the dog with Ivory dish soap, twice and rinsed her a lot. The next morning, I took her to the vet. Her temperature was elevated one degree. He gave her a shot to relax her muscles (I believe an anti-convulsive) and two pills (one for that night and one for the next morning). I put the treatment on her on Monday. Today is Thursday. Her ear still twitches and she wakes me up at 2am to rub it for her; as the twitch drives her nuts. She also has some incoordination from the medicine. I don’t know if it will ever get better. I cannot believe this medicine is allowed to be sold. I had trust in the Hartz Mountain Corporation and that they would have a safe product.
Morgantown, Indiana

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