Good intentions killing my cat?

My 1 yr old cat (who was hand raised from 2 weeks of age) escaped out of my house through an open door. We searched for weeks and finally he showed back up. Other then being thin his only signs of problems were a few ticks.
Since Anubis has long fur we were worried we hadn’t found all the ticks even after searching thru his long fur so we put a flea/tick collar on him from Hartz.
We made a mistake in thinking that since Hartz is a well known name it was safe right? Well wow were we WRONG.
Anubis started foaming at the mouth and chattering his teeth 2 days later. After rushing to the phone to call the vet we were told about the problems with these types of collars.
The vet told us that other then bathing him to remove all toxins from the skin and fur there was little we could do other then baby him and hope for the best.
As of right now my baby is laying on the kitchen floor on a towel….too weak to move. He is still drinking…in fact he does little but sleep and drink.
We are hoping for the best…prepared for the worst. The saddest thing is our 3 children went thru losing a dearly loved pet, felt the joy of finding him again…only to now worry he will die before our eyes from a .99 cent collar we put on him with the best of intentions.

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