This site helped to protect my chihuahua

I bought the Hartz 4-in-1 flea treatment for small puppies and dogs and used it on my 5 month old chihuahua. I thought to myself that I would just use it until we got the expensive stuff just to avoid getting fleas. After about half and hour, the treatment was still oily and visible and I was wondering how long I would have to go without petting my dog. My husband did pet the dog and within minutes his eyes started to burn (he must have rubbed them). I told him about the eye warning on the box and he went to wash his eyes out. I just happened to find this site and became so horrified that I ran into the bathroom and gave the dog to my husband in the shower to wash the dog off. As an afterthought, I realized that after putting the flea treatment on, my dog became so lethargic and not at all like himself. He was just lying aroung and not wanting to do anything. To make matters worse, I had also given him a Hartz chew treat. Within minutes after washing and drying my dog off, he totally changed his behavior and started to act like normal. There is nothing else to conclude but that the flea treatment was the cause of his lethargic behavior. I am so glad I found this site before it was too late. I am throwing out all of the Hartz products I have right now and will never touch them again. Thank you for this site.

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