My Cat Poi

I administered the Hartz Flea and Tick drops as directed to my cat, Poi, on 4/15/07. Several hours later she began getting extremely itchy, rubbing on everything she could get up against. She became lethergic, refused to eat or drink. She twitched several times for the next several hours. Lost her sense of balance and fell off the table. She hid in the closet for several hours. On Monday I called our vet. He told me to bathe her and get as much off of the flea drops as possible. She allowed me to do this (she never lets me bathe her). Today, Tues 4/17 she is eating a little better, still itchy and looks very unhappy.
All I want is my beautiful cat back to normal. I think I’d rather have fleas in the house than a dead cat. Why are these products still on the market???

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