Look for Pictures, a History of Hartz Deaths

I spoke with my roomates about the Hartz medication and came back with terrible stories. My boyfriend explained that when he was a child two of his animals a cat and dog had worms. His mother didn’t have the money for a vet visit so used Hartz instead. Both animals were dead or comotose by the next day. This is an event that really bothered him as a child since it seemed that whenever the animals were treated there was an incident.

It also came out the my other roomate had treated their whippet when she was a child with it and he suffered similar symptoms. She also lost a dog recently due to the Alpo contamination. It greatly upset her because she used to handfeed her dog the very food that was killing her.

I am looking for pictures, I want to post flyers around town to explain the dangers of Hartz. If I can get permission from my fellow readers, I would very much like to use your images to get the message across. I’m looking for pictures of injured or ill pets that are related to Hartz. Please send the pictures with your story to [email protected] or [email protected]

I’m terribly sorry for your losses, but it’s time to take a stand. We need to make this right.
-Hannah Miller

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