2 Cats, 2 Reactions…. both are ok now (we think)

We moved into a new appartment with our two cats (V & L). V is a Russian Blue and the fleas LOVE to bite him around his neck. He is somewhat allergic to them, and I hadn’t had time to order their regular flea drops, so when I was picking some things up at the hardware store, I saw the Hartz drops and figured that I’d use them one time and get back to the normal stuff.

About an hour after putting the drops on, V was trying to wash his fur off and the fleas were biting him worse than ever. He washed for 5 days! Now, he has bald spots where the drops were put. Fortunately, I don’t think he ingested any of that garbage.

L was fine… mostly. He walked for 2 days like he was trying to shake bags off his feet, or like his feet were wet.

I feel lucky that my boys are ok (I think). I’ll NEVER buy a Hartz product again. I convinced the manager at the hardware store to pull the display once I told him what had happened to my cats. It’s disgusting that this company advertises as if they were pet-lovers but produce things that harm pets.

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