Marty Mouse is Dangerous

Recently a friend purchased one of Hartz’s products, ?Marty Mouse?, for our cats as a Christmas present. The toy is marketed as a cat toy and has a long tail with a bell attached to the end. The tail is clearly the piece that attracts the cat to the toy. This was certainly the case with one of our cats named Devin.
Devin has played with the toy for about two months. A few weeks ago, the entire tail came off of Marty Mouse while Devin was playing with it. Devin ingested the entire tail, including the bell. Unfortunately I was not home when this occurred. However, when I returned home that afternoon Devin was violently ill. He was vomiting almost non stop for the entire afternoon and throughout the night.
I took Devin to Dr. Cantwell the next morning where he underwent a series of tests and x-rays. These revealed the bell inside his stomach. Fabric does not appear on x-rays so we were not aware at that time that the entire tail had been swallowed. We left Devin with the vet for the day where he underwent more tests and was monitored. They could not figure out if the metal object inside his stomach (which we now know was the bell) was causing the illness so we took him home to monitor him ourselves for the night.
Devin got worse throughout the night and we had to rush him to the emergency vet. They could also not conclude if he needed surgery as we could only see the bell in his stomach and could not tell that it was obstructing his entire digestive system. We took Devin home and decided to go back to our primary vet first thing in the morning.
Our vet decided the next day that he needed surgery. Once they were able to perform the surgery they discovered the entire tail inside of Devin?s stomach and intestines. It was clearly what was obstructing him and making him vomit. The doctor said that we were lucky to have gotten this out as leaving it in could have resulted in death for Devin.
I am making you aware of this story as I have strong concerns about Marty Mouse being available for retail today. Not only could another cat or dog encounter this same problem, but children are at risk as well. The Hartz Company markets Marty Mouse as a cat toy (you can see this clearly on the packaging) and the tail is the obvious attractor to pets. The fact that the entire tail came off so easily is a choking hazard for all animals and small children.

I wrote the above letter to Hartz and have not yet heard back at all. I am disgusted and hope that together we can help raise awareness about the dangers of this company. If anyone has suggestions for me I would really appreciate it as I am at a loss for what to do next.

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