Tucker (our three year old pug) has had bad fleas lately so we were washing him in Hartz Advanced Care every three – four days. Yesterday we left it on a little longer then usual and all day he was acting funny. His head was hung low, he couldnt seem to get comfortable to sleep ALL night keeping us up, he wouldnt eat or drink, he was breathing a little funny and this morning he could hardly walk. Our vet said that he probably was having a bad reaction from the flea soap and to wash him in water and Dawn soap concentrating on his toes and anus since thats where it tends to absorb the quickest. We cooked him some chicken and he’s doing pretty good. His eyes are clear and he’s taking a good nap right now. I would rather deal with the fleas or wash him in Dawn and pick them out by hand then to ever have to go through this again. The worst of it is that the soap is “Refreshing White Tea Fragrence” which is geared towards Nature Buffs like myself. I’m going back to the all natural shampoo personally. I dont remember the brand or I’d plug it. It has a natural chemical fleas hate and it wont harm anyone but them. It’s really sad that Hartz is risking the health of the animals it claims to protect.

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