Last night I decided to use Hartz, Oneshot, topical flea treatment. My cat moved quickly and some of the product was put further down his neck than was recommended. I tried to rub it in so he wouldn’t lick it. Well as you know, cats are very flexible and he was able to ingest some of it. I called the vet to see if this would be a problem, they didn’t know anything about Hartz. So I just watched him for a bit and then all of a sudden, he started to act very strange, first he looked very skittish, he then started to walk funny like he was drunk. I then started to wash his fur to get as much of this off as possible. He then got very lethargic and not himself at all. I tried to call the 1 800 # but their office was closed. I tried to give him water but he wouldn’t take anything. So I kept an eye on him and after a few hours he started to “come” around. Although, he was still not himself. I found this web site, thankyou so much for all the info by the way. I did call the company this AM. They were very polite, yet stated that their product is safe. They did say to contact them if he needed any vet care. So I hope that there will be no long term effect on my cat. I will WARN anyone not to use this product.

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