Yet another instance.

I found a flee treatment the other day while cleaning up my laundry room. I put it on my cat Blacky. The next day my daughter told me to look at him. He was having a seizer. I picked him up and help him until it was over. I then washed the back of his neck until all the medicine was off.
He is still is having a hard time walking and his ears and face keep twitching. Just so you all know, this happend on 4-7-07. I feel guilty as hell giving it to him. I’m trying to keep a close eye on him. I think he had one other seizer last night while in my lap. All of a sudden he start shaking uncontrollably and fell from my lap. 2 minutes later he was back. Any suggestions on what I can? I don’t have enough money at this time to bring him to a vet.

Eric Koenig
Burleson, Texas

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